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More Trail is about bringing more meaning to the ride. With the launch of a new feature-rich MTB Spring line, we're now donating 1% of MTB sales to support local trail advocacy as part of our 501 Trail Pledge.
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Pearl Izumi Journal

Read impactful stories from the cycling community inspiring others to ride more and do more. Because bikes can change the world.

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Gravel, It's a Feeling

PEARL iZUMi | February 2022

Gravel is more than a way to ride—it’s a feeling. It’s freedom, adventure, community, grit and growth all wrapped up into one beautiful way to be on the bike...

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We're Reducing Our Impact

PEARL iZUMi | December 2021

PEARL iZUMi was founded on two things: the love of cycling and, more importantly, love for future generations. This passion is woven into everything we create...

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Underexposed Goes to VT

Brice Shirbach | December 2021

During my journey in creating the Underexposed Series, I’ve come to organize the country into memorable drives, and favorite rides, rather than by state or region...

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Riding bicycles does more than get us down the road, it brings out the best in us. So let’s move forward together.