Men's Cycling Shorts & Bibs

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Men's Cycling Shorts & Bibs

Cycling shorts are an essential piece of gear for any cyclist, providing comfort and support during long rides. Men's cycling shorts come in a variety of styles, including bib shorts and traditional shorts, with different features to suit different disciplines and personal preferences.

Cycling Shorts & Bib Shorts

The primary difference between men's cycling shorts and bib shorts is the way they are designed. Traditional cycling shorts have an elastic waistband, while bib shorts have straps that go over the shoulders. Bib shorts are preferred by some cyclists because they eliminate the need for a waistband, which can cause discomfort or restrict movement during long rides.

Cycling Shorts per Discipline

Road Cycling Shorts: Road cycling shorts are designed to be aerodynamic and lightweight, with a close fit that reduces drag. They often have a chamois pad that is thinner than other types of cycling shorts, which is ideal for road cyclists who spend a lot of time in the saddle.

Gravel Cycling Shorts: Gravel cycling shorts are designed to provide comfort and support during long rides over rough terrain. They often have a more relaxed fit than road cycling shorts, with a thicker chamois pad to absorb shock.

Mountain Biking Shorts: Mountain biking shorts are designed to be durable and protective, with features like reinforced seams and padded inserts. They often have a baggy fit to accommodate knee pads and other protective gear.

Indoor Cycling Shorts: Indoor cycling shorts are designed to be breathable and moisture-wicking, with a comfortable fit that allows for a full range of motion. They often have a thicker chamois pad to provide extra cushioning during intense indoor cycling sessions.

How to Choose the Best Shorts

When choosing the best cycling shorts for your needs, consider factors like the type of cycling you'll be doing, the fit of the shorts, and the level of comfort you require. Look for shorts with a chamois pad that is appropriate for your discipline, and choose a size that fits snugly but comfortably. For more tips on choosing the best cycling shorts, check out our guide.