Go with less - A Lifestyle of Living Lightly

February 13, 2020

As athletes, we’re always striving for more. We’re driven to train more hours, ride farther, and push deeper. So it’s all too easy to assume that means we need more. But that mode of thinking is clearly not working for our sport or our world, and it really seems to miss the point.

So Nicole and I, with so much help from our great friends and neighbors, set out on a mission to do more with less. We’re proud to show how we’re doing just that with our little home on wheels. It’s our hope that we can inspire others (and our future selves) to live a simpler lifestyle, at whatever scale that may mean for you.

We’ve never owned so few things or required less outside input to sustain our activities, and it’s more ultimately enriching than we ever could have imagined.

So, yes, we’re going with less. But it’s truly giving us more. All of us. And that little move is worth a lot more.

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