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Gear Inspired
by Nature

Our gear is inspired by nature and built for the ride, because any day on the bike is a day well spent. We’ve honed our performance fabrics and constructions for decades, so you can be confident these items will keep you riding comfortably, whatever the weather. From Wind, to Rain, to Cold, learn what protection you need so you can chase more great days.

Cyclist Putting On a Neck Gaiter During a Cold Weather Ride


Our greatest barrier to riding comfort often comes from an unseen element: the wind. Even in moderately cool still conditions, windchill created through riding has the power to rob cyclists of body heat generated from pedaling. Proper windwear helps establish a stable microclimate around the body, providing protection on blustery days or simply trapping a little extra warmth on crisper outings. Gear constructed from our lightweight and breathable Barrier fabric offer the perfect level of packable protection, so you’ll always be equipped to Ride365.

Men's Wind Protection

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All too often, rain protection isn’t designed to meet the specific needs of cycling, which is a highly aerobic activity where breathability is critical. To meet the unique demands of our sport, we’re rethinking rain gear to deliver protection from water penetration while prioritizing maximum breathability (because getting wet from the inside is just as bad). Utilizing technologies like PI Dry® and newly released Polartec® Neoshell® fabrics in a bike-specific fit, our WxB gear delivers unparalleled comfort in rainy and wet conditions. So, leave the rainy-day blues behind and discover more great days to ride.

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When it comes to riding in the cold, there’s a fine line between warm and too warm. We know because we’ve spent decades doing research with riders dedicated to extending the season. By engineering breathable protection into our fabrics we’re able to optimize the delicate balance of airflow and insulation, setting you up to build the perfect system of dress. Pedal with confidence into sub-freezing temps—our protection is built to keep pace, whatever the weather.

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