Unbound Training Guide

April 30, 2024

Whether it's your first UNBOUND or you're making a play for the podium, no one on our roster knows the race better than two-time top 5 finisher (and serious threat at any start line), Whitney Allison.

We asked Whit for her best tips, whether you're a newb or a seasoned competitor, and given her past performances, at least one of these should be good for a position or two on a course known to make a mockery of even the most impressive FTP.

Gear Advice

Tires. The terrain out there isn't technical by any means, however, the flint rocks are actually sharp...illogically so. This is the time to pull out all stops to avoid flatting with the freshest flat resistant tire you like. Flatting is slow and costs way more time than running a slightly heavier but more flat resistant tire. I personally will be running either the WTB 42mm Resolute with SG2 flat protection or an unreleased 45mm tire from them.

Race Plan

Have a flexible plan. It's a long day out there and an infinite number of things can happen in a day that long. However, it's important to go in with a specific plan for pacing estimations and fueling and do your best to see that through, adapting on the fly for things like if you can find a group to work with, or if you have to stop for a mechanical. I really like to utilize the 5 pockets between the three on my Pro Mesh Jersey and the two on the Expedition Pro Bib to organize my fueling by time. If I know it's going to take four hours to get to Aid 1, I'll have my hourly food organized by pocket, using one as wrapper collector, and eating as the course and situations allow.

Pace Yourself

Pacing is really important. It's easy to get caught up in the excitement of the day and overpace the beginning and dig yourself a hole. There are also huge benefits to putting in an effort to stay with a fast-rolling group. Trying to find that group where they might be rolling a bit faster than you prefer without digging yourself too deep of a hole will have HUGE time savings. If you are getting tired, you can also stay in the back and out of the rotation and hang on a bit longer.

Happy Riding!

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