Flux Customs: Tailored Bike Paint and Finishing

August 28, 2020

Whether it’s the new forever bike or a beloved long-time bike, displaying self-expression on the canvas of a bicycle is always a unique affair. We’re kicking off a new series that is as much of a follow-up to BUILT as anything. Through this series, we’ll be highlighting the unique custom finishing of bikes through painting, powder coating, ceramic coating, titanium anodizing, or a combination of the different finishes. All of these projects are one-off projects and rarely if ever replicated. Much like in the artist world, these are 1 OF 1.

The series kicks off with Flux Customs. A Colorado-based shop that believes “if you can imagine it, we can execute it.” A bike that gets a rider’s blood pumping and has them dreaming up their next ride is a million times better, regardless of what it looks like than one that doesn’t light their fire. Chris Ellefson’s view is that they offer emotion and an impetus to ride, more than a physical result that you can touch and feel. “Ultimately, if we do our job right, the rider hops on and forgets all about the bike and the finish.”

So, what’s your finished canvas, or dream bike, look like? Watch the film to get some ideas to inspire.

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