IRACELIKEAGIRL - Bringing Women in Sport Together

April 16, 2018

We’ve gotten questions about why we created the IRACELIKEAGIRL team, and what the goals are. Let’s flashback to 2016. I was going through a big transition in life. Divorce. Injury. I felt hurt and lonely most of the time and had little motivation to get on a bike…much less get in shape to race. I was sitting alone with my sidekick Zoe (the cutest little Yorkie you’ve ever seen) against the beautiful landscape in Boulder, Colorado, on a day when I knew I had to make a change. I needed to reconnect with my sense of purpose. And that is where the idea for IRACELIKEAGIRL was born.

I knew I wanted to be and create something bigger than just racing in the triathlon world. I wanted to help others become the best version of themselves and frankly, I needed to connect myself to something more significant.

Once the idea sparked, I knew it was something I had to pursue. Instead of focusing on my losses, I started thinking about all of the things I really loved about training and racing. When I first started triathlon, I loved homestays–and still do! This program created by Ironman, helps pros find places to stay at races when they travel. Through homestays, I met so many amazing families and individuals from around the world I knew there had to be a way to a way to expand that. I wanted to create a bigger platform for women, where we can connect not just for homestays during races, but support one another as a “home away from home,” and second family, throughout the year.

I’ve been racing for over a decade and understood I had some knowledge to share. But so do many, many others in our community. IRACELIKEAGIRL brings that knowledge to the fingertips of women training for their first 5K to competing in their 20th Ironman. Bringing this all together provides a safe space where women can feel free to ask for help and receive it and share it.

While we may be only in our second year, the team has grown to over 130+ members and supporters from around the world. Our community of athletes take part in monthly team challenges; we connect daily on various platforms to motivate one another; we share ideas and plans; we host team events, and we get to define what it means to race like a girl.

And I have to say, these girls/ladies/kickass women have changed my life. For me, through creating this team, I have found a new vision for racing and being part of something larger than myself. I race with my hair in pigtails to symbolize the power of the girl and this vibrant community. We achieve this by showing up, supporting each other and giving it our best. Every race, every day.

Learn more about IRACELIKEAGIRL and how to become part of the community at

Share and follow other IRACELIKEAGIRL athletes through the #iracelikeagirl on social media.

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