Trail Sessions – Master or Adopt New MTB Skills

May 22, 2019

We all could do a thing here or there to improve our riding skills to make your riding more fun and interesting. And we’re talking not just having a stronger set of legs or lungs. We’re building out a collection of videos from our athletes and ambassadors β€” shout out to Jeff Lenosky, Brittany Greer, and Deanna McCurdyβ€” for you to learn from.

Then, after watching each of these videos a few times, think of a place where you can go session (repeat consistently) a section of trail to really work on each skill. Those weekend rides are best for riding with friends! Pick out one day a week where you can ride over and really do focused work on your bike handling skills, then your weekends will be waaaay more fun. A bike park is an excellent place to practice but almost any trail with a feature called out in a video will work well.

And don’t you worry about other riders giving you strange looks for sessioning a feature. They might be better off jumping in and joining you. Go you.

Check back often to find any new additions or visit our playlist on YouTube and subscribe!

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