Ride 365: Fall is the Goldilocks Time to Ride

October 12, 2022

While Fall comes with fickle wind, moody clouds, and shorter days, there's another side to this transitional season. Crisp, bluebird skies, leaves ablaze and air that's not too hot or not too cold make Fall an incredible time to be on a bike. Light layers with easy adjustability and high visibility are the best pieces to turn to this time of year—from crushing leaves from dawn to dusk, to coffee and donut spins, here's everything you need to know about layering for Fall cycling.



Thin, breathable layers are key to Fall riding. Lightweight long sleeve jerseys, like the Attack Long Sleeve or Attack Thermal, paired with a synthetic baselayer will carry you through brisk mornings and cool evenings and the full-zip allows quick venting if the day heats up. Wearing a baselayer creates a moderating microclimate around your body, thus allowing the heat created through riding to be pulled away. This ultimately prevents getting that cooling clamminess from sweat build up. Even in the moderate weather of Fall, you'll be most comfortable while riding if you make adjustments as needed to minimize sweating and excess heat build-up.

Extend the season on your favorite short sleeve jersey by wearing it over a baselayer and/or pairing with arm warmers for mid-ride temperature swings. Finally, dual-zip vestsand minimal windshells make for super portable torso protection that punch well above their weight in keeping you comfortable.

Choosing what to wear over your legs can be pesky during this in-between season. Depending on conditions, you might still get away with shorts but packing a pair of leg warmers is a safe call, especially with the sun setting earlier. Our collection of tights and mid-to-full length bibs also offer an assortment of cool weather options.


Shorter hours of daylight make visibility while riding an essential component to consider when pulling together the day's kit. All of our jerseys, bibs, tights, and BikeStyle pieces feature BioViz elements. These are scientifically backed reflective markers that, when seen in motion, mentally signal to the view that there's a rider up ahead. Stay seen while leaf-peeping with BioViz—and don't forget your lights!


Whether your local trails are framed with bursts of color, or perfectly tacky from seasonal moisture, the cooler months of Fall bring a new energy to the air. Our selection of lightweight gloves offer the predictable handling and an extra buffer against brisker days with device-compatible touch points for any navigational needs.Trail pants equipped with PI Dry® shrug off spray from wet vegetation and dual-zippered jackets make it easier to stay in the sweet spot as you hit the climbs hard and flow through descents.


We believe that comfortable commuting shouldn't require "kitting up" so we designed our BikeStyle line to make going by bike a seamless part of your routine. In this collection, technical fabrics meet an everyday aesthetic so you can ride wherever the day takes you. For this Fall, wicking flannels and hoodies, thermal joggers, and a snap-down shirt-jacket feature subtle bike-specific tech to make commuting the best part of the day.

For more on layering strategies for all weather, check out ourSystem of Dress Layering Guide.

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