BUILT – EP6 ReActive Adaptations

October 15, 2020

The need to access nature is a lifestyle that doesn’t stop with a devastating injury to a person. Using cycling as an outlet to the outdoors and self-discovery should be available to all, including those who need to use adaptive equipment.

In an effort to celebrate handmade work of the cycling realm, we asked visual documentarian, Justin Balog, set out to highlight some unique bike builders who, with their hands and their intriguing workshops, are making raw materials transform into the most amazing adventure tools.

The sixth builder in our series takes us to Crested Butte, Colo. ReActive Adaptations creates innovative handcycles to help change people’s lives. Few builders make these authentically engineered bikes, leading Jake O’Connor to take on the need and open up opportunities for riders looking to ride off-road and on trails. Our introduction to Jake and his important work was through the Therapeutic Recreation department of Craig Hospital in our support of the annual PEDAL 4 POSSIBLE ride.

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