FILM—Gravel: A Love Letter

February 27, 2022

Gravel is more than a way to ride—it’s a feeling. It’s freedom, adventure, community, grit and growth all wrapped up into one beautiful way to be on the bike. This is a film that explores that feeling by taking us back to gravel’s roots, and by asking builders and riders across the sport what gravel means to them.

We traveled back in time to the first years of the Tour de France, and across the country—from the mountains of Colorado to the plains of Nebraska, traversing many backroads in between—in an attempt to put words to what gravel means to the sport of cycling. And rather than providing us with a tidy definition of what gravel means, we learned what gravel does: it brings us together.

Film—Gravel: A Love Letter
Film—Gravel: A Love Letter

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