Winter Gloves Guide

Keeping your hands comfortable is an essential consideration for any ride. After all, they’re your main point of control on the bike. Which is why we put so much emphasis on designing gloves that feel natural on the bars and that have the necessary dexterity to hit every shift. Whether you’re looking for protection against a brisk fall day or the extremes of winter, we have the glove to help you get more great days in the saddle.


Perfect for brisk fall or spring days, these gloves will keep you comfortable and connected.

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To protect your hands from the constant windchill that challenges year around riders we use our AmFIB® softshell material on the back of hand. Not only is it windproof, but it also offers solid water resistance to protect you from the elements.

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It’s hard to make a warm glove thin and nimble; insulation equals bulk. That’s why our AmFIB® gloves use PrimaLoft® Gold with cross-core technology. This insulation allows us to get amazing thermal performance with the least amount of material. Something your hands will notice the moment you grip the bar.

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We can’t talk about winter without mentioning our signature Lobster® glove. Before we designed the ultimate solution for the coldest days, riders would make due with mittens because having fingers-together is always warmer than apart. The problem with mittens is limited control when braking and shifting, which is downright dangerous. The Lobster glove combines the best attributes of a mitten with the ability to hold the bar and safely operate the controls. It’s a game changer when it's super cold.

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With our weather-tested gloves we’re committed to giving you more great days to ride. Get ready to extend the season and Ride 365®.