American Criterium Project #3 – TULSA

July 02, 2018

Tulsa Tough is one of a kind. A three-day cycling festival featuring one of the most popular crit stages in the country at the River Parks Criterium featuring Cry Baby Hill. If you love cycling but haven’t been there to experience the racing, the heat, and the crowds…the second weekend in June 2019 is a perfectly good time to go.

“Nothing else in the US comes close to the vibe Tulsa pulls off. From landing in the airport and getting questions to all the local restaurants and coffee shops supporting the cyclists coming into town. Every day of racing is very difficult and challenging. I have never left Tulsa unhappy about making the trip down.” – Daniel Holloway, Texas Roadhouse Cycling

Each year is a different theme for the series of races and other cycling related events. “Make Your Own Luck” was a proper theme for the 2018 edition of the Saint Francis Tulsa Tough. Watch to learn more about the weekend and see what it’s like to race through a sea of people who might make Mardi Gras revelers blush.

Video by Justin Balog

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