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Saying goodbye to summer doesn’t have to mean a six-month trainer sentence. In fact, some of the best riding of the year happens when the “season” is over. Here’s the good news: choosing what to wear on your legs is way easier than layering your torso and we’ve designed our three-season tights to keep you in the comfort sweet spot.


This extra coverage and insulation helps to maintain healthy (and warming) blood flow to these crucial joints for a smooth pedal stroke. The easiest way to cover up is by adding a set of knee or leg warmers to your everyday shorts, or a pair of cool weather tights.

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When temps drop a little more, it’s nice to pull on a pair of thermal tights. From ¾ cropped to full-length thermals, the right tight can turn any day into a great day to ride.

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For truly cold or especially blustery rides adding a little wind protection over the knees and thighs can make all the difference. AmFIB® Lite tights do this well without compromising pedaling performance, thanks to a combination of windproof AmFIB panels on the leading edges and high stretch thermal fleece behind.

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On those super cold and wet days when you need a little more motivation to get out the door our AmFIB® tights will help (and probably one more cup of coffee). These tights provide 360 degree AmFIB softshell protection, keeping wind and water from chilling your desire to ride.

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Pedal Through Puddles with PI Dry®

We bolster our luxurious fabrics with some cutting-edge science to maximize your comfort, including PI Dry, our proprietary water-shedding technology. It wards off light precipitation and road spray, without changing the function and feel of the fabric. So go ahead and charge that puddle; you won’t have to worry about freezing legs for the rest of the ride.

BioViz® is the Science of Being Seen

Cold temps tend to mean less daylight, so our tights step up reflective performance with larger BioViz® elements. The carefully placed reflective elements are visible even with shoe covers, creating a flicker motion in low light to help drivers instantly recognize you as a cyclist.

Not every day is perfect and that’s okay. Our tights line has been refined through years of riding 365 days a year. Regardless of season having your kit dialed means you can ride with confidence any day, in any weather, and being prepared is the best way to ensure more great days on the bike.