Our love for mountain biking is best summed up in two words: More Trail

More trail is about pushing your boundaries to become a more complete rider and getting more out of the MTB experience—going farther, riding faster, finding more confidence, and getting involved.

To get more out of your riding,

Sometimes it helps to look at the trail with your feet on the ground. The unique satisfaction that comes from building or repairing trails mirrors riding in some ways—the buzz of physical exertion, fresh air in the lungs, and a very real connection with the earth. But the most meaningful result is the feeling that you’ve earned it on your next ride. Most of us don’t know what goes into creating trail when we first start riding, we just know that a great trail is a lot more fun to ride. Turns out, they can be pretty fun to build too.


With so many local advocacy groups leading the charge in different regions, it can be hard for riders and first-time trail stewards to know where to look to get involved. That’s why we’re teaming up with IMBA’s trail advocacy group finder, a tool to find build days, fundraisers and advocacy groups across the nation. Because like many of the best things in life, it feels like the more you give to the MTB community the more you get back.

the 501 Trail Pledge

Our team has committed to logging 500 hours of stewardship work and trail building each year. But we’re not stopping there. We’re donating 1% of all MTB gear sales to local trail advocacy groups, based on the zip code where the sale occurred. So when you choose PEARL iZUMi gear you are helping all of us get more trail.

WE CHALLENGED OURSELVES to create a line of apparel that can take your riding to the next level.