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June 20, 2019

PEARL iZUMi designer Kit Recca holds a personal desire as a creator and as a cyclist to be both spontaneous and inventive.

“Whether through my riding or my artwork, I find that I take similar approaches and, often, have an ultimate desire for a similar outcome. As cliché as it may sound, I often feel as though I am discovering the ride or uncovering the artwork that always existed,” he says. “It is as much an active process as it is a passive one.”

The outcomes that Kit desires are almost always something spectacular. This can come in many forms but, whether, through his artwork or riding, it is evermore something worth reflecting on.

The natural, organic, and surreal line art depiction of the mountains and landscape represent the natural flow of creation and discovery. The lines that come together to form the mountain design represent the different lines, approaches, and mistakes we make that, eventually, come together to create something worth admiring. A simple fade brings life and depth to the sky background while keeping to the mystic feel that the abstract mountains bring to the foreground.

There are some hidden secrets to be found within the design. Once you discover a bear and wheel, you might begin to wonder why they were included. These treasures represent two personal loves of Kit. The bear, a mystical creature in itself, acts ferociously when called upon while also tending to its family with love and care. The wheel represents my love of the bicycle and the many inspiring and awe-inducing places that it can take you. It’s your turn now, go out and choose your lines.

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