Ride 365: What You Need For Riding in the Wind

September 27, 2022

Encountering blustery days is a byproduct of riding bikes—especially when the seasons are shifting. Get out enough days a year, and you're bound to find a stiff breeze eventually (though, odds are that means you're getting treated to the occasion tail wind, too). Whether you’re battling strong gusts, preparing for spotty showers, or just need to take the edge off a cool day, our windwear provides versatile, lightweight, and packable protection. Read on to find out what you need to comfortably ride in the wind—along with an extra layer and gloves, we'd advise wrangling a few friends to trade pulls with on those windy rides.


Jackets constructed from our Barrier fabric hit the sweet spot between warmth and breathability, warding off windchill without trapping sweat. Thanks to PI Dry or C-0 DWR treatments, these pieces also offer enough protection to carry you through light showers, so you can tuck them in a jersey pocket and be prepared for a range of weather on the fly. Dual zippers make venting super easy to prevent overheating.

Barrier Fabrics offer lightweight, breathable and packable wind protection. Combined with a durable water repellent (DWR) technology, they offer enough water shedding performance to protect you from brief rain showers, with better packability and breathability than a truly waterproof fabric.

PI Dry® technology provides water shedding performance at the fiber level, allowing us to create knit and woven fabrics that repel water regardless of how much they stretch. Water rolls off, keeping you warmer, drier, and lighter. And the best part is, it lasts longer than DWR’s, delivering full performance even after 100 washes.


For cool days, the PRO Barrier Jacket pairs well with just a baselayer up top. A long-sleeve jersey layered beneath the PRO Barrier Vest provides another great option for more breathable wind protection on temperately cool rides.

When it comes to your lower half, the adage says "below 60 degrees, cover the knees!" Leg warmers, lightweight tights, or3/4 length bibs offer several options to keep healthy blood circulating to these crucial joints.


Our System of Dress guide provides the full run down on our suggested—and tested—layering strategy. But suffice it to say, we advocate for a 1-3-2 process when choosing what to wear in the colder months: baselayer, outer layer, then mid layer if needed. For windy days with an extra bite, consider a merino or synthetic baselayer along Barrier outer layer—what to wear in between should be based on rider preference, "real feel" (where humidity and sun can drastically impact the stated outside temperature) and time of day.

For the truly frigid days, AmFIB protection provides insulation plus targeted softshell paneling for an added defense against windchill. With two levels to choose from in full-length bibs, tights, trail pants and gloves —AmFIB Lite and AmFIB—you're sure to find what you need for an terrain, whatever the weather.

AmFIB Ideal for winter or cool-wet conditions, AmFIB softshell fabrics combine breathable protection from wind and water with lofted fibers to retain body heat. While these fabrics provide substantial moisture protection, they emphasize breathable insulation and are not fully waterproof. Garments made with AmFIB provide consistent comfort through a range of cool-to-cold conditions so you can minimize layering adjustments.

To find a solution for riding through all seasons, check out our Conditions Hub!

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