PEARL iZUMi Crew Share Their Holiday Gift Picks

November 01, 2022

When it comes to evaluating the on-bike performance of our products, we always turn to our Crew and their collective riding experience. This season, we’re getting a look at a few Crew Members’ holiday shopping lists for some expert insight into their personal picks for friends and family. Read on to find out what gear makes the best Crew-approved gifts—just don’t spill the beans!

Marley's Pick: Upcycle Hip Pack

 “I love the Upcycle Hip Pack as a gift for any friend who rides. It's perfectly sized to fit my riding essentials and it quickly transitions off the bike as well. Added bonus that it's made with leftover fabric, making it super sustainable!” — Marley Blonsky; based in Bentonville, AR, Marley is an adventure rider, bikepacker, and the co-founder of All Bodies on bikes. See what Marley's up to @marleyblonsky.

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Marley Blonsky

Cooper's Pick: Merino Thermal Sock

"The Merino Thermal sock would be an excellent gift for my mom who ALWAYS has cold feet!" — Cooper Ott; based in Gunninson, CO, Cooper is a mom and mountain biker. Follow Cooper at: @cooperdendelott.

Shop Merino Thermal Sock

Winter is for Riding

Ryan's Pick: PRO Barrier Jacket

"The Pro Barrier Jacket is my go-to gift for friends who are looking to extend and expand the conditions they ride in. This one jacket can protect against cold, light rain, and wind but also happens to be extremely comfortable, breathable, and packable so you have no reason not to bring it on every ride... just in case." — Ryan Petry, based in Boulder, CO, Ryan is a new Dad, and mountain biker with a penchant for racing and adventure. Follow Ryan's rides at:@rypetry

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Syd's Pick: BioViz Barrier Jacket

“The Women's BioViz Barrier Jacket would be perfect for my good friend who is planning to do some more training on the road this winter. It's so important to be seen on the road, especially as the days get shorter and the weather drearier. A brightly colored outer layer is absolutely essential for anyone who rides where there are cars (even if just on the way to the MTB trails!).” — Syd Schulz, Pro endurance racer turned "everything" rider, Syd lives and rides in Taos, NM. Follow her adventures at:@sydgschulz.

Shop BioViz Barrier Jacket

Winter is for Riding

Brice's Pick: Prospect Thermal Jogger

“I think that the perfect gift for my wife would be the Prospect Thermal Jogger. They're so good looking and comfy, and quite honestly while I'm normally cool with her stealing my joggers, I love these too much to share so she needs a pair of her own.” — Brice Shirbach, mastermind behind the Underexposed mtb series, Brice wears many caps from writer, videographer and racer. Follow Brice at: @bricycles.

Shop Women's Prospect Jogger

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