PRO-Tuned Protection

A System Inspired by Nature, Built for the Ride

Crafting truly breathable, multi-layer protection that’s bike-specific is a tricky
business. It requires precisely balancing thermoregulation for the rider while
still providing protection from the outside elements. Add in more variables,
like truly frigid temperatures, wet conditions, or humidity, and the plot
thickens. Through decades of testing and more recent simulations in the ACE
Climatic Wind Tunnel, we’ve developed an innovative system of dress that nails
both protection and breathability. By combining the warmth-regulating
properties of a Polartec Alpha® layer and the breathable water protection of
Polartec NeoShell®, our PRO Layering System was born.

Rainwear with Game-Changing Versatility

We’re redefining rainwear for cycling and creating a more versatile, breathable solution using the cutting-edge technical fabric, Polartec NeoShell. Traditional technical rainwear utilizes a microporous membrane, with holes too small for water droplets to penetrate yet large enough for water vapor to escape, resulting in a semi-breathable jacket. But this tech has limits, causing most riders to leave their waterproof shells in the closet unless it's actively raining. NeoShell changes the narrative by providing 3D breathability through an electro-spun membrane that creates more dynamic airflow. This game-changing fabric lets excess body heat out without letting outside moisture in. The result is PRO-tuned protection with the versatility to become a go-to shell even in dry conditions.

Next-Level Layering

Best used as a base or mid layer, the PRO Alpha Layer employs active insulation to deliver consistent warmth across variable conditions throughout the ride. Worn next to skin, this piece feels luxurious and deftly moves moisture away from the body while retaining the perfect amount of warmth. When the forecast calls for truly arctic temps, wear it as a breathable mid layer in tandem with a baselayer, to draw away more sweat than a typical thermal jersey while still retaining body heat beneath a shell. For comfort that keeps pace, whatever the weather, go PRO Alpha.

Foundational Comfort

In colder weather, the best next-to-skin layer is the Transfer Merino Baselayer. Our hybrid design places wool on the exterior to facilitate efficient moisture management and thermoregulation. At the same time, a synthetic fabric faces inward to minimize bulk and create a high-stretch form-fitting base. The unique properties of merino make it a superior insulating and wicking material that still provides warmth even when wet. And thanks to the natural odor resistance of the wool, you can hang dry for another ride before washing.

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